Juventus is in trouble for suspected capital gains and this has forced the club’s former president and its entire board to resign.

Andrea Agnelli presided over one of the most successful periods in the club’s history, but he departs under a huge cloud and the club might suffer serious damage because of some of the decisions he made at the helm.

Football Italia reports that an intercepted phone call between him and Exor chief, John Elkann, shows the leader of the Agnelli family knew all along what was going on.

According to the report, Agnelli told the Exor CEO that “we have always taken risks and the board has always been informed that they have been taken and corrections have always been found along the way.”

He responded: “Yes, however, as you remember you said that in the end there was, on the part of the sporting management, they expanded. There are a whole series of deals that they did.”

Agnelli then added: “the excessive use of the instrument of capital gains, if the market collapses on you, the market collapses on you! This is a fact.”

Juve FC Says

We seem to be in big trouble and these revelations are not good for us as a brand, even if we eventually prove that everything we did was not against any specific law.

We expect our lawyers to defend us very well when this case goes to trial, but it has not been a good few weeks for us and we need a break from these revelations.

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