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Allegri believes Salernitana are now Juventus’ rivals

February 3, 2023 - 6:00 pm

Juventus’ manager Max Allegri believes their next match against Salernitana is an important fixture, partly because the Bianconeri and the Salerno side are now separated by just two points.

Juve has been docked 15 points, so they have 23 league points, while Salernitana has 21 points on the table.

When both clubs met the last time, the game ended 2-2 after a Juventus goal had been incorrectly ruled out for offside, it will be a very tough fixture for the Bianconeri, who continue to work hard to get back to form.

Speaking after his side saw off a challenge from Lazio to reach the semi-final of the Coppa Italia, Allegri said via Football Italia: “The first half with Monza was not good, had we scored in the second half, the game would have been different, but this is football and must be accepted. Now we must be ready for Salerno. They [Salernitana] are a direct opponent, they have 21 points, we have 23.”

Juve FC Says

The 15 points deduction puts us in a very tough position and all we have to think about now is to win our remaining matches of the season.

It will be difficult to achieve this, but we have to try and the boys just need to stay focused for as much as possible for us to secure the win.

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    martinn February 3, 2023 at 9:24 pm

    If you read this article and you are ok with it, you deserve what you get. allegri should never have been brought back and the contract he was given, win or lose guaranteed, was another questionable move by agnelli to say the very least. Management will be ok if we scrape into Europe, despite allegri’s negativity, and will extend. You need to fear this, because the banter we are now is nothing compared to years of allegri and management that are ok with working to top 4 and a laughing stock in Europe. ‘if we’d scored more goals against Monza we would have won’ Total. Genius … and how are you doing that playing in fear? #BanterEra