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Allegri: “Bonucci would have been captain”

August 11, 2017

Max Allegri says Leonardo Bonucci would eventually have been Juventus captain, had he stayed at the club.

The Juve coach turned 50 today and spoke about his career to date as well as the departure of Leonardo Bonucci to AC Milan.

“On the morning of July 16, there were several things going on, the national team… and then I got a phone call to meet with Juve executives in the afternoon,” he told Premium Sport.

“I didn’t understand it. I found out Conte had resigned when I was on my way to meeting their President that evening.

“They asked me if I was available and had rested enough because I thought the team still had a lot to give.

“They had three years of success in Italy and I thought they could do better, even in Europe.

“I always prefer to train great champions because I can have proper dealings with them.

“Ibrahimovic? He’s a special and extraordinary player, but sometimes he’d demand that his teammates do the things he did on the pitch.

“I tried to make him understand that not all players are the same in a football team.

“Buffon? He’s different from the others. He’s still the best in his position and has a future in directorship, perhaps with the FIGC.

“I talk to him, I confront him on things and sometimes he needs the Coach’s support.

“I like to joke and have a relationship with the players, one that’s not friendly but always respectful.

“There’s nothing wrong if the Coach starts to play basketball or challenges a player to five-a-side.

“The Juventus DNA is a winning one and, above all, there’s a great discipline here, there are rules to be respected. This is very important for the players.

“President Agnelli is young and has great ideas, he’s very good at mixing family tradition with his business affairs abroad to make Juve a world-level club.

“Bonucci’s departure? I’m really sorry about it,” he told Premium Sport.

“Leo would’ve been Juventus’ future captain, the man of the dressing room to convey what Juve were about to the younger lads. But he made a choice.

“The club and Coach won’t blame him [for leaving]. No-one’s to blame.”

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