In this campaign, Juventus has experienced contrasting reporting styles, where the media readily labels them as title contenders when they achieve victories, yet criticises them when they falter and drop points.

Prior to their defeat against Sassuolo, the team’s manager, Max Allegri, urged for a sense of composure due to the excessive excitement generated by their strong start to the season.

Allegri is now appealing to the media for more balanced reporting, emphasising that they are too swift to designate Juventus as title challengers during winning spells and equally swift to criticise when they encounter setbacks.

He said, as quoted by Football Italia:

“Over the last few days we have gone from Scudetto rivals for Inter to being flops, so there has to be a little balance in the way we are talked about.

“I don’t want to hide here, Inter, Milan and Napoli have better resources than us to win the title. We have many players without a great deal of experience, but they can grow. It takes patience and time to absorb errors and learn from them.”

Juve FC Says

We must stop paying attention to what the media thinks about how we play, as they are not loyal to us.

Instead, They are loyal to what they think about a particular performance and would always comment or create content around how they feel about how we did in a particular game.