Max Allegri believes Juventus should not make the Champions League a target, rather it’s “a dream” for the club.

The Juve coach spoke of the progress made in Europe over the last 3 years of his tenure at Juventus and the work ahead for the club.

“The last three years have been fantastic, we achieved two Champions League Finals,” Allegri told

“The first was rather unexpected, while for the second, we had greater hopes of really winning it.

“We didn’t succeed but we still consider it a success because not everyone can play in a Champions League Final.

“Winning the Champions League can’t be an objective, it’s a dream. And to accomplish that dream, you have to work hard for so many years and, above all, develop a certain kind of mental approach.

“Juventus are aiming to be consistently among the top eight in Europe. In order to do that, we need to be signing quality players. I think the club are doing really well in this regard.

“Better than last season? There are several players who have just arrived, but it’s always been like this for me at Juve.

“Between the first and second Finals, within three years, only four players stayed from the first year.

“The club have added so much quality and the results have kept following. In order to keep winning, you need a lot of hard work and you need to stay motivated

“Ultimately, motivation is what makes the difference. It’s getting harder with each year, so winning seven titles in a row would be something really extraordinary.

“The squad is strong, even though we still have to improve technically and tactically.

“Our group? It’s is balanced, far more than it seems. Apart from Barcelona, ​​Sporting CP and Olympiakos are teams with a lot of experience in Europe.

“It won’t be easy to pick up points in this group, and points can be dropped anywhere.

“What makes Buffon so special? Because he’s been the best goalkeeper in the world for the last 20 years. He’s an extraordinary guy, an exemplary professional.

“He’s turned 39 and he’s just been chosen as the best goalkeeper in the Champions League, so he really has something special.

“His secret? In my opinion, the enthusiasm with which he plays. He’s like a kid.

“How far can Dybala go? Paulo has really grown since coming to Juventus. He has so much talent but still has big room for improvement.

“He’s started the season very well, but we’re just at the beginning. He needs a great season in the Champions League, it’s his objective.”