Max Allegri insists that Juventus are not at the end of an era with the current squad and the loss to Real Madrid is “motivation to reach the Final again and hopefully win.”

“I am very proud of what the lads achieved this season. We came here to win the trophy and didn’t manage it,” Allegri told Mediaset Premium.

“We played a really good first half and didn’t make the most of our chances. Pjanic had a knee problem, Real Madrid raised the tempo and we had a tough 15 minutes.

“We conceded that goal with a deflection and then let go psychologically. We should’ve reacted and defended with nails and teeth, but this is another step we have to take in future to learn from this and mature.

“Even if Real Madrid had a very good second half and have excellent players who can change the game at any moment, that second goal knocked the wind out of our sails.

“We should’ve reacted, but you can’t do anything with ifs, buts and shoulds. Life gives us the opportunity to try again next year, so we must calmly analyse where we can improve as a team, in our football and in our mentality.

“We used up a lot more energy in the first half than we should’ve done, because we were too rushed in possession and should’ve shown greater calm. That again is something we need to learn from and improve in future.

“We had the chances to end the first half in the lead, but for the second we cannot complain, as Real Madrid had an excellent performance.

“They raised the tempo, as we were the ones pushing Real Madrid back in the first half, but in the second we couldn’t play our way out of defence and they kept pushing us back.

“At that moment, we should’ve taken out the extra energy to push hard and keep the game open, as we know Real Madrid leave you the chances to score at all times, but we conceded the third goal and that was really damaging.

“We begin next season determined to have another great Champions League campaign, win the Scudetto and the Coppa Italia. We need to gather our thoughts, fire up our energy and fight back, because we can learn from this and improve.

“This acts as further motivation to reach the Final again and hopefully win. The squad has everything it takes to do that, the club knows where we need to improve and adjust.

“It’s natural that we started the season with one system and changed midway through, so we rarely had the chance to rest certain players and they had to keep us going for a long time.”

Speaking in his post-match press conference, Allegri turned his attention to the horrible events in Piazza San Carlo where up to 1000 fans were injured in a stampede.

“We are first of all sad to hear what happened with our fans in Turin and want to send our love to all those affected by it,” he said at the start of his Press conference.

“I compliment the lads for what they’ve done up until now. The important thing is playing in a Champions League Final, then we can only hope it’ll be third time lucky.

“Real stepped up the pace and then football is an unpredictable game. Miralem Pjanic’s shot was saved in the first half, not dissimilar to the one that went in for Madrid.

“In the days before the Final, people started acting as if Juve were the big favourites and Real were almost there as a fluke, but that was never the case.

“There were some situations we did not evaluate properly during the game. After going 2-1 down, we should’ve stayed in the match, because there was always going to be the opportunity for more scoring opportunities.

“It wasn’t an easy task. It was the first Champions League Final for Paulo and Sergio Ramos did a great job marking him. Our first half was excellent, but this is football. You must know how to speed up and slow down at the right times.

“I didn’t say anything to Cuadrado, even if it’s important that games are always ended with all 11 men on the field.

“We have absolutely not closed any era. Gigi Buffon will still be the Juventus goalkeeper and Andrea Barzagli one of our players. The club knows how and where it needs to intervene in order to improve.

“After a small rest, we will have fresh motivation. Life gives you the opportunity to get back on your feet and try again.”