Max Allegri is one of the more seasoned managers in the world and the Juventus gaffer has worked with some of the finest players.

Having won six league titles and reached the final of the Champions League twice, it is hard to argue that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

However, his second coming at Juventus has been a disaster, and it seems the players are to blame for it.

Several of his key men have been injured and unavailable this season and a new report reveals one player that would not start if everyone is fit.

Calciomercato says Allegri does not consider Manuel Locatelli a starter in his system. His ideal midfield is the combination of Adrien Rabiot, Leandro Paredes and Paul Pogba.

However, because of the latter’s injury, he has been unable to field all three in any game.

Juve FC Says

This is a shocking revelation if it is true because we signed Locatelli with so much money and he should be a starter.

Allegri worked with him at Milan and requested the signing, so it makes little sense to consider him a bench player.

However, the other three players are more experienced than he is and we know the gaffer loves working with older players.