Max Allegri has provided more insight into his team’s approach to the season as they contend with Inter Milan for the Italian championship.

Despite facing considerable challenges, Juventus is actively participating in the title race, with many of their rivals struggling to meet expectations despite possessing squads perceived as stronger.

Allegri is managing a smaller group than most rival coaches, and he is working diligently to maximize the potential of his players.

While Inter may be considered the favourite to win the league, Allegri reveals that Juventus has a plan to stay competitive. The strategy involves quietly focusing on winning one game at a time, highlighting the team’s commitment to a consistent and measured approach throughout the season.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“We know that Inter, at the moment, are the favourites, they are a team that was built to win the championship. They said it, president Zhang also said it that the objective is the second star, it’s worth say winning the championship this year. 

“We have started a journey this year, there are players who are doing well and I’m very happy, but we have to work to improve without getting complacent. I say one little step at a time because we can only play one game at a time time. In a match you don’t lose or win the championship. 

“The championship is a path to be played with serenity and balance because then there are also moments to manage when difficult things arise. We have to think about ourselves and continue to work and above all, don’t settle.”

Juve FC Says

Winning the league is not an easy feat and Allegri has been a champion on six occasions.

He will coach his players to take the right steps on their way to becoming the champions of Italy again.