Massimiliano Allegri has emerged as the favourite to replace Arsense Wenger as the new Arsenal manager.

The links were inevitable following last summers circus where the English and Italian press reported as though Allegri was all but certain to take charge at the Emirates.

In the space of the last few days, I’ve read just about every headline imaginable from ‘Allegri agreed to join Arsenal last year‘ to ‘Allegri is not leaving under any Juventus circumstances.’

In interviews past, Max has always insisted that he:

a) Intends to see out his Juventus contract until 2020.

b) Will never leave the club at the last minute, a none too subtle dig at former manager, Antonio Conte.

Granted, both have to be taken at face value and he was unlikely to say otherwise, however he signed a contract extension last summer, tying his future to Juventus for at least another three seasons, a move that seemed to suggest he was planning a longer stay in Turin, knowing full well that Arsenal will have a vacant managerial position this summer or the next.

The Independent and The Daily Telegraph in England both report that Max is at the top of the list to succeed Wenger but point out that he’s not the only candidate, listing Luis Enrique, Thomas Tuchel and Mikel Arteta as other possible options.

In amongst all the speculation and headlines Beppe Marotta shrugged off the talk of Allegri’s departure. Speaking to RAI, the Juve SD was bullish and optimistic about the future:

“With Allegri we have a relationship that has worked and does work.

“After winning the Scudetto we’ll talk about the future, which I’m sure will be full of satisfactions together.”

For now, it seems nothing is decided, despite the internet being awash with club insiders and people claiming to be in the know. One thing is certain, Arsenal will look to appoint their new manager before the start of the World Cup on June 14, so we can expect an outcome within the next four weeks.