Juventus coach Max Allegri spoke about the Bianconeri’s chances in the Champions League and the welcome he received when joining the Bianconeri.

Allegri spoke to La Stampa today and echoed Andrea Agnelli’s sentiments about Italian clubs not being able to compete with foreign leagues for resources while urging a realistic approach to the mercato.

“I’d like to have a €15m villa, but if I can’t afford it I have to look for an apartment that I like,” said Allegri to La Stampa.

“Though in reality we’re dealing with a villa, it just has a particular situation behind it. The club’s objective is to raise the technical level of Juventus.”

The tactician also turned his attention to Juve’s upcoming Champions League matches.

“I don’t know how it’s going to end against Borussia Dortmund, who are a great team. But we’ll certainly play two great matches.

“I feel a juventino since I set foot here. Here you have 12 million supporters, everyone else has their team and then roots against us.

“I’m an evolutionist. I found a team that worked in a certain way, winning three Scudetti and two Supercups, and that needed to undergo an important passage. Saying that everything’s going smoothly would be presumptuous, but we’re on the right path.

“The Supercup [lost to Napoli] does not spoil five months of work, though I’m regretful about the way it went, as we had three decisive opportunities.

“But our targets were the League, where we are leading, and qualifying for the next stage of the Champions League. The Supercup came later.”

“I said this a thousand times, the assistant director of a business is the person who does that kind of thing, because he must bring in resources. As a Coach, I must bring in results.

“In football, people think that others prepare the formation for you or that you accept everything the club says. It doesn’t work that way.

“Aside from the Premier League, being a Coach-cum-manager doesn’t mean buying 15 different players, but being aware of marketing and finance issues.

“There are Coaches that are well educated and those who base themselves on intuition, but that doesn’t mean renouncing to using reason.

“It’s just that instinct is the solution in the fleeting moment, so it becomes essential. This is a group that has considerable technical, physical and tactical means, but it needs confidence.

“There is a subtle line between confidence and conceit. But confidence does lead you to achieving results beyond all expectations. And that’s what we need in the Champions League.”