Juventus manager Max Allegri is highly optimistic about Dusan Vlahovic’s potential to score numerous goals in the upcoming season. Vlahovic experienced a challenging period at the Allianz Stadium during the previous campaign, and Juventus actively sought to sell him during the transfer window.

However, despite their efforts, a suitable buyer for Vlahovic was not found, and the Serbian striker remained with the club. He has made a promising start to the current season, delivering impactful performances and contributing goals.

Allegri’s confidence in Vlahovic’s goal-scoring abilities is a positive sign for the player and the club, indicating that Juventus is relying on him to be a key contributor in the upcoming campaign.

Speaking about the Serbian, he said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“I see him more serene, he is better physically. Then the attackers are always better when they score goals: he managed it in the first two games and, as I told you at the beginning of the preparation, I believe that Vlahovic, who was not well last year and still scored 10-12 goals, will score his goals.

“I am very calm about his season, as well as on Federico (Chiesa, ed.), Kean, Milik. It’s difficult, having one game a week we have players who might not play for 2-3 weeks, but we have a common goal.”

Juve FC Says

Vlahovic is our best striker and the time has come for him to live up to his full potential.

The Serbian is one of the league’s top players; if he is 100% fit, we know what he can do for the team.