Despite Federico Gatti’s unfortunate own goal that sealed Juventus’ 4-2 loss against Sassuolo last night, manager Max Allegri remains steadfast in his belief that the own goal did not significantly impact the outcome of the match.

Throughout the game, Sassuolo held the lead on three separate occasions, and Juventus was diligently striving to secure a 3-3 draw and salvage a point from the fixture. Unfortunately, their efforts were thwarted by Gatti’s rather comical own goal, in which he inexplicably passed the ball into his own net under minimal pressure.

Gatti had been seen as a potential replacement for the injured Alex Sandro, who is set to be sidelined for several weeks, but his performance in the match fell short of expectations.

While some fans may argue that Juventus could have finished the game with a 3-3 draw had it not been for Gatti’s late own goal, Allegri has chosen to shield his defender from criticism, asserting that the own goal did not have as significant an impact on the final result as it might seem.

He said, as quoted by Football Italia:

“He has made errors and he will do more in his career.

“He has played 30 games for Juventus, I think. He must remain calm, the error was ugly to see but did not impact the result. We must be quiet and work towards Lecce, the only unbeaten team with Inter.”

Juve FC Says

Gatti’s own goal played a role in the final result and the defender knows he let every one of us down.

The gaffer could keep him in the team, but he now has to work harder to prove that he is not error-prone.