Juventus is enduring a dismal second half of the season, with the Bianconeri perilously close to failing to secure a top-three finish in Serie A.

Under Max Allegri’s leadership, Juventus did not participate in European competition this campaign, affording them ample rest periods between matches. This scenario ideally positioned them to contend for the league title this season.

Initially, their trajectory appeared promising towards the conclusion of 2023 and the onset of 2024. However, circumstances have shifted dramatically, and they now find themselves closer to dropping out of the top four than mounting a title challenge.

During the January transfer window, Juventus had an opportunity to bolster their squad further. However, the team was enjoying a string of victories, prompting them to refrain from making significant additions to the squad.

It is a decision they might be regretting now, but when Allegri was asked if they regret it, he said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“No. regarding the difference between the first and second part of the season, in the second part we could have done better, we always have the possibility of improving. As regards the market, the club always takes care of it and we cannot change what has been done”

Juve FC Says

We should have strengthened our group in January. However, signing good players in January is tough, and we probably would not have gotten the right men.