Juventus has simply been terrible in this campaign and pundit Lele Adani reckons Maurizio Sarri and Andrea Pirlo would have been sacked if they were in charge.

Both managers lasted just one season each on the Bianconeri bench before the club returned for Max Allegri.

Allegri won five straight league titles in his first stint as the club’s manager and its board hoped he would win the Scudetto again this season.

However, this first half of the campaign has been so poor that Juve would be happy if they can secure a top-four finish.

The likes of Empoli, Verona and Sassuolo have all beaten the Bianconeri this season, and that is one reason fans can hardly trust the club to win any fixture.

Adani reckons the season has been so poor that Juve would have changed managers if Pirlo or Sarri were in charge.

He told Bobo TV as quoted by Calciomercato: “With a championship like this Sarri and Pirlo would have already been sent away.”

Juve FC Says

Truly, the Bianconeri have been ruthless in recent seasons, but the club cannot continue to hire and fire managers.

The constant change of managers is one reason some clubs struggle to remain in the top flight.

Keeping Allegri or any other manager in charge of the club for long enough will help the players get used to one system and eventually start performing well.

However, if Juve changes managers again, the squad would be back to square one learning to play under a new system.