Max Allegri says Juve being “respected in Europe is my greatest result” but it wary ahead of a second-leg in Spain, despite the 3-0 lead.

Juve routed the Catalans in a rousing victory that was arguably one of the Bianconeri’s best in recent years, but Allegri knows the job isn’t done yet.

“We must be aware that it was a great performance, we played well technically both in attack and defence. It is the first step towards the semi-final, the second leg will be a different matter,” he told PremiumSport

“I am not capable of saying what our percentages are. In Barcelona we are going to have to play aiming to score goals.

“I am a dreamer, but also pragmatic and a realist. We’re on a growth process, I am happy with what the lads are doing and we’ve made important steps forward over the last few years.

“Juventus have respect for Europe and above all are respected in Europe. That is the greatest result of my three years here.”

The second leg is at Camp Nou on April 19 and Barcelona have already fought back from a 4-0 first leg defeat to Paris Saint-Germain this season.

“We had several chances in the first half, moving the ball around and forcing them to shift, but we got a bit too greedy for an extra pass. That’s something we need to work on and improve for the second leg.

“Juventus deserve credit, as everyone contributed to the defence by cutting off the passing channels and trajectories, otherwise when the ball is at the feet of Messi, Iniesta or Suarez, you’re going to have trouble.

“We were sharp, with good passing moves, but could’ve done better and in some moments tried to make vertical passes too often.

“The lads entertained everyone in the stadium and got a good result, but we mustn’t get distracted from the reality of the situation. We have to prepare for Pescara and ensure we win the Scudetto, fortunately I have a big squad and the decisive figures may well be those who didn’t play tonight.

“Dybala showed his quality with an extraordinary performance, though everyone was excellent tonight. His finishing was great, but I am happy for him as I am for all the players.

“There were a lot of expectations around this side to see if they were up to a quarter-final. It was a psychological test and we need to improve how we perform with this system.”