Max Allegri was open and candid following Juve’s victory in Naples, declaring ‘Nobody accepts defeat or decisions’ in Italian football.

“It makes me smile, because if we start protesting at refereeing decisions then it’ll be chaos. When they go against us, everyone is happy, but when they go in our favour it’s controversy,” Allegri told Sky Sport Italia.

“In that case, shall we complain about the two incidents that went against us with Sampdoria? Mistakes happen, they are made by Coaches, players and Presidents, so why not referees? Why do we want to stir up controversy after a great game?

“It’s disappointing to see someone trying to stir up trouble after such a wonderful night of football. Unfortunately this is football in Italy, as nobody accepts defeat or decisions.

“If we had to drop referees every time they made one mistake, there’d be nobody left. Are we meant to be the referees instead?”

“Aside from that goal, tonight we played better than Napoli and fully deserved the victory. This was like a recompense for what we lost in Doha, as then we conceded at the last minute with a ricochet that fell to Higuain. This time it went the other way.

“We have many things to improve, such as the pace of the game and the speed of passing, but it was a struggle and I’m pleased we were able to win out. Recently we had dropped leads, but this time we fought back and reacted.

“In order to win we must learn to sacrifice, suffer and fight. We should also defend a certain way and read moments in the game. That is where we must work and improve. As a team we are getting better on incidents where we lose the ball in midfield.

“Juventus won the Scudetto three years in a row, but that certainly does not mean a fourth is to be taken for granted.”