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Allegri not interested in comparing Premier League and Serie A spending

February 2, 2023 - 10:45 am

One comparison making the rounds in the Italian media now is the spending made by the Premier League and Serie A clubs last months.

The English top flight is the best in the world and has more commercial success than every European league.

However, the others try to compete with them in every transfer window, but it is unsustainable, considering that the club that finishes last in England can make more money than Serie A winners.

As his team prepared for their next match, Max Allegri was asked about the spending made in both competitions last month. He said via Football Italia:

“It’s useless to make comparisons.

“The ratio is clear and is one to four. Premier League generates €8 billion income, Serie A €2 billion.”

Juve FC Says

The Premier League is far above every other league competition in terms of revenue and clubs make far less in Serie A than in England.

It makes little or no sense to compare both competitions and expecting Serie A clubs to spend freely like their counterparts in the EPL is asking them to commit financial suicide.

Clubs know their capabilities and must work within it. Also, the January transfer window is not so important.

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    martinn February 2, 2023 at 12:17 pm

    because people want to watch, pay more and are entertained more. Napoli and the teams that want to entertained are held back; part of the problem is sitting right there