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Allegri plays down Chiesa’s injury but the attacker is scared

March 20, 2023 - 12:45 pm

Juventus manager Max Allegri has played down the injury suffered by Federico Chiesa, but he admits the attacker is worried.

Chiesa is returning from a long-term problem, and Juventus is trying not to overwork the Azzurri star.

The attacker has only had fewer minutes on the field and starts when the manager thinks he can.

In the game against Inter Milan, he came on for Mattia Soule in the 66th minute, but an injury forced him out in the 83rd minute, something Juventus will be worried about.

However, after the fixture, the ever-positive Allegri said via Football Italia:

“He has this tendinitis that he is carrying with him for a while. He is a bit scared, but it’s nothing major,”

Juve FC Says

Chiesa’s injury was serious and we should expect him to keep suffering setbacks once in a while until he eventually becomes a fully-fit player.

The attacker is eager to play more and we also want to see him on the pitch all the time, but he must not be too hard on himself and be patient until he is 100% fit.

In his absence, other attackers at the club must show they are prepared to also deliver in black and white.

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