Juventus manager Max Allegri is hopeful his players haven’t been distracted during the international break as they return to action this weekend.

The Bianconeri were in fine form before the break and are currently the second-best team in Italy if they recover the deducted 15 league points.

They earned some important victories before the break, most notably beating Inter Milan.

As they prepare to face Verona this weekend, a report on Tuttojuve reveals Allegri hopes his players haven’t lost momentum and will remain switched on when they take to the field for league action.

Juve FC Says

Our players must stay switched on for the remaining games of the season because winning them is all we need.

We have to forget about getting the lost points back, which means we can still achieve a top-four finish regardless as long as we win as many matches as possible.

The international break affects how every team resumes action because some players might return to their club injured or demoralised, while others might return in top shape to help the team achieve its goals.

We must see how the boys perform against Verona before we can tell how they have returned.