Max Allegri has confirmed that the new Juventus General Manager, Maurizio Scanavino, has introduced himself to the Bianconeri players today.

Juve’s last president and board of directors resigned weeks ago as the club battles accusations of paying players under the table, among others.

They will name a new board next month, and Scanavino is its new leader who will aim to keep the club in shape to continue winning matches and trophies.

Speaking after his team beat Rijeka 1-0 this afternoon, Allegri said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“Today I spoke to the new dg Scanavino, who introduced himself to the team and staff. Few words but right. He reiterated that Juventus is always Juventus, programs and ambitions do not change now and will never change. We are architects of Juventus’ fate on the field and will work on this. Juventus is part of one of the strongest industrial groups in the world, then the passion for property is infinite and this is an additional responsibility. I’ve always been calm, then I’m sorry to read these things every day”.

Juve FC Says

We have work to do on the field, and the players need to return and continue winning matches in the league and other competitions.

We trust the organisation to pick the right leaders for now and the future, but the manager and players must be allowed to focus on football matters.

That is why they are employed, and the second half of this season is very important to us as a club, considering how close we are to the top of the league table now.