Aside from the first name, Nicolò Rovella and Nicolò Fagioli have many things in common. We’re talking about two young players (aged 21) who recently returned from loan spells but are struggling to find space within the Bianconeri’s middle of the park.

Moreover, the future of both midfielders aroused great speculations throughout the summer transfer session. At one moment, Rovella was set to stay in Turin while Fagioli would be sent on another loan. But then, the roles would reverse. This pattern has repeated itself in the last few months.

But with a couple of days separating us from the end of the transfer session, the true outcome will be revealed sooner rather than later.

On Tuesday, Max Allegri held his pre-match press conference ahead of the Old Lady’s home fixture against Spezia which will take place on Wednesday.

The Juventus manager admitted that Rovella is on his way out of Turin. The former Genoa man will join Monza on loan. On the contrary, the tactician expects Fagioli to stay put.

“Rovella is going to Monza. In any case, making him stay here and interrupting his growth process would harm him,” said the Bianconeri coach as reported by ilBianconero.

“I have great confidence in Rovella, but a choice must be made.

“I believe Fagioli will remain at Juventus.”