Juventus manager Max Allegri expressed his sympathy for Paul Pogba after the midfielder’s samples continue to test positive for a banned substance.

Allegri has had the privilege of working with the Frenchman during two separate managerial spells and shares a strong and positive relationship with the former Manchester United player. He holds Pogba in high regard, both as a player and as an individual, noting his highly pleasing personality.

The unexpected results of Pogba’s failed drug test have left everyone, including Allegri, surprised and disheartened. Allegri acknowledges Pogba as a genuinely good person and a significant character in football, emphasising that his absence would be felt within the sport.

Allegri said, as quoted by Football Italia:

“On a human level, I am very close to him. I knew him since he was a young boy. It is a great pity for all of football to lose a player who was special. It is a difficult moment for him and we can only wish him the best.”

Juve FC Says

Pogba has always had several on-field problems, especially during his time at Manchester United, but we clearly did not expect him to fail a drug test.

This is because his professionalism has never been in doubt, but he will struggle to prove that he truly did not take a banned substance deliberately.

He may never recover from this and a ban of more than one year will likely be the end of his footballing career.