Max Allegri insists the game between Juventus and Lazio is to determine who finishes second.

Maurizio Sarri is doing an amazing job at Lazio and has them dreaming about Champions League football next season.

Juve should be second on the league table, but they have lost 15 league points as a punishment for capital gains.

The club has appealed the decision and is confident it will be overturned soon enough, but Allegri is counting them already and says via Calciomercato:

“He is doing an excellent championship, he has momentarily scored 54 points ( 55, ed. ) compared to our 59. It will be a direct confrontation for second place. Sarri returned to the beginning, when he stood out for his great defenses. Lazio have the best defense in the league, it will be difficult and complicated for us”

Juve FC Says

It is needless to always talk about the deducted points, but we must continue working as though we would be second.

We expect the appeal to succeed, so we have to act like we know the position that is at stake.

We beat Lazio in the reverse fixture and must know this time it will be much more complicated because they have become better as a team. If we underestimate them, we will regret it.