On Wednesday night, Juventus and Inter will meet for the fourth time this season, as they clash heads in the final of the Coppa Italia. On this occasion, the battle will take place at a neutral venue, which is the Olimpico Stadium in Rome.

Since the very beginning of the campaign, Max Allegri has been repeatedly switching his tactical lineups, sometimes out of necessity, and on other occasions as a tactical experiment, and it appears that this trend will live on until the end of the season.

According to JuventusNews24, the Bianconeri manager is torn between two tactical setups ahead of the cup final.

On one hand, the Livorno native is considering a classic 4-4-2 lineup, spearheaded by Dusan Vlahovic and Paulo Dybala. In this case, Juan Cuadrado would act as a right winger while Federico Bernardeschi takes the opposite flank.

On the other hand, the source explains that the manager could also introduce Alvaro Morata to the equation alongside Vlahovic and Dybala. This would effectively turn the formation into a 4-2-3-1 lineup, with the Spaniard acting a left winger and Dybala playing in the hole behind Vlahovic. In this case, Bernardeschi and Cuadrado would contend for a spot on the right wing.

But knowing Allegri, he’ll maintain his cards close to his chest until the final moments before the clash.