Max Allegri has recently turned 56, and Juventus celebrated their manager’s milestone. Allegri has now been in charge for a total of eight seasons, spanning two separate tenures.

Despite his current stint not yet yielding significant results, the coach, hailing from Livorno, remains an integral part of Juventus. He has been granted another season to guide the club’s journey back to the summit of Italian football.

Upon his return, Juventus understood that they were entering a challenging phase, but they cannot overlook the remarkable achievement of Allegri during his initial spell as manager. He led the team to secure five consecutive Scudetto titles along with various other trophies.

As Allegri celebrates his 56th birthday, the club has taken the opportunity to remind everyone of his recent statement about his role as the club’s manager.

The Juventus website quotes Allegri saying:

“Being at Juventus brings out emotions that are renewed every single day and have been for years. 

“It has always been a huge honour for me to lead this club, to see young talent grow, to achieve on-field goals and to win trophies and give the fans something to celebrate. 

“It’s an experience that stays with you forever, and one in which the Agnelli family has always known how to make its presence felt, discretely but constantly.”

Juve FC Says

Allegri is one of the best coaches we have had in recent times and the gaffer is one man we trust to lead us back to the top of the Italian game.

Juve has had many managers, but he seems to have left the most mark on us. As we rebuild, we trust him to get us back to form.