Adrien Rabiot, a highly anticipated free agent in European football, is desired by Juventus to remain with the club. Despite attracting attention from various teams across the continent, Juventus is eager to retain his services.

Having just completed his most impressive season with the club, the midfielder’s performances have garnered widespread interest. However, Juventus faces a challenge in holding onto Rabiot since they did not secure qualification for the Champions League.

Recognising the difficulty of the situation, Juventus acknowledges the impact Rabiot has made on coach Max Allegri, who expresses his desire to continue working with the Frenchman, a World Cup finalist. The club has presented an offer for his consideration, proposing another season with the same salary.

Nonetheless, Rabiot finds himself with numerous options, making it uncertain whether the offer alone will suffice to persuade him to stay. Il Bianconero reports that Allegri has urged Juventus to go beyond their initial offer and take additional measures to ensure the midfielder’s retention.

Given Allegri’s expected continuation as the club’s manager, he considers Rabiot a crucial member of the squad moving forward.

Juve FC Says

Rabiot was in superb form in the last campaign and we simply must keep him if there is any chance of that happening.

Not playing in the Champions League will hit us hard in the pocket, but we have to ensure we do not lose too many of our key players.