In what has been one of the most perplexing campaigns of all time on all levels, we still have more questions than answers regarding the future of Juventus.

One of the most important dilemmas that the management is facing at the time remains the coach’s position. While a large section of the fanbase is calling for Max Allegri’s head, the situation remains complicated.

As ilBianconero reports, the manager’s future in Turin remains uncertain, with five possibilities on the table.

The first hypothesis would see Allegri remain at Juventus at least for another year. This one remains the most viable track with the coach shielded by his lucrative contract.

The second possibility is for the manager to resign from the post, thus allowing the club to pursue an alternative without having to pay the 55-year-old’s large wages. But as the source admits, this remains a long shot, especially with Allegri’s mindset.

The third scenario would be reaching an amicable termination. This would see the club paying a certain amount for the manager to rescind his contract.

The fourth possibility is sacking the tactician. However, wielding the axe would be costly for the management, as Juventus would owe the Livorno native and his crew 42 million euros in gross wages.

Finally, Allegri might find himself a new club, which would be an ideal solution for the Old Lady. In this case, the two parties can end their collaboration without having to pay the manager any compensation.