Since the start of the season, it has become more and more obvious that the last campaign wasn’t simply a one-off at Juventus.

No, the club’s problem run deeper than an inexperienced manager at the helm, and the underwhelming results registered since Max Allegri’s return suggest so.

Moreover, the Bianconeri’s financial troubles and their poor recruitment diminished the quality of the squad at the manager’s disposal.

However, could the Old Lady end up sacrificing the remainder of her stars?

Giovanni Galeone is a former Serie A manager who is considered to be Allegri’s mentor and good friend.

But the retired tactician feels that the likes of Paulo Dybala and Federico Chiesa could eventually leave the club due the tough circumstances.

The former Udinese manager believes that it will take Juventus several years to rebuild a strong squad reminiscent of the one architected by former general director Giuseppe Marotta.

“Juventus need to build a completely different team. It will take two or three years, on the other hand, if Allegri has a four-year contract, I imagine that the management is also aware of the situation,” said Galeone in an interview with la Gazzetta dello Sport via ilBianconero.

“At this moment, we should replicate the work done by Marotta when Allegri arrived in Turin for the first time. Great champions such as Khedira, Mandzukic, then Dani Alves were acquired.

“There is a paradox at Juve, as they have good players, however, they do not know how to play football. In order to grow and become competitive in Europe, experienced players are needed.

“What is happening isn’t Dybala’s fault, but he is not a leader and has not made the leap in quality that was expected, he also had so many injuries.

“But from Juve’s number 10, more is expected. Think about Platini or Del Piero. Surely playing in a technically poor team does not help him. Dybala could be valuable behind the striker in 4-2-3-1. In other systems it is difficult to place him.

“With Sarri he made a great campaign, but not with Pirlo. Now I don’t know how much you can bet on him. And in my opinion Chiesa too can leave if someone offers 50 or 60 million.”