Max Allegri’s longtime friend and mentor Giovanni Galeone feels the Juventus coach deserves to stay since he’s achieving the club’s objectives.

The Bianconeri directors have often reiterated Champions League qualification as the club’s ultimate goal for the season.

Despite the woeful results in the last few months, the Old Lady is still in third place, only five points away from securing a Top Five finish.

So while a large section of the fanbase is calling for the coach’s head due to the miserable displays, Galeone feels this scenario would be unjust towards his pupil.

“The other day I felt Max was calm. And I would be calm too in his place. After all, he is achieving the objectives that the club has set for him and has a contract for 2024-25,” said the 83-year-old in his interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Should he resign? Why would he do so? He is respecting his objectives and has a contract until 2025. I don’t feel that he is fed up with Juventus.

“It would be unjust if he wins the Coppa Italia and qualifies for the Champions League and then get sacked.”

“However, I don’t know how it will go, but this time I don’t imagine him staying for a year.

“When you have Allegri’s track record, finding a new club is not a problem. In Arabia, they continue to court him, but he doesn’t want to go.

“Maybe De Laurentiis will call him to Napoli, as has already happened in the past.”

Galeone reminds Juventus how things hardly improved for the club the last time they sacked Allegri in 2019.

“When Juve sacked Max in 2019, he was disappointed but then the club changed two coaches in two years.

“The Juventus bench is not for everyone, but Max has proven to be a Juventus coach.

“In this case, it won’t be easy for the successor. Thiago Motta is the hottest name at the moment. He is very good. But Juve is a world apart.”

However, the former Udinese coach admitted that Juventus shouldn’t have found themselves lagging behind Inter by such a large gap.

“With the return to the Champions League, ever closer, and the Italian Cup final, this was a more than sufficient campaign. I give a rating of 8.5 for the first part and 4 for the second.

“The Nerazzurri are clearly stronger. But the gap should have been between 8 and 10 points, not 24.

Finally, Galeone urged Juventus to sign Real Madrid legend Luka Modric who will be a free agent in the summer.

“I said Juventus needed four players to get closer to Inter, and not to win the league. I’m thinking of a defender like Pavlovic.

“They also need a playmaker in place of Locatelli, who has different characteristics. I would take Modric as a free agent, even at 38-39 years of age, he would make the difference.

“Koopmeiners would bring goals. And I would see upfront Zirkzee or Scamacca who are both good, but Atalanta won’t sell.”