Prepare for a serious stream of consciousness.

Welcome back to another edition of Circo Juventus brought to you by the lovely people at the FIGC. I find it totally heinous to be dragging Juventus, it’s board, the Agnelli family, and even Andrea himself through the mud for no particular reason other than what appears to be that they have the biggest target on their back. After completely ruling out Juventus of any possible links to organised crime, why impose this punishment? Obviously there will be an appeal, and likely the case will be won, but the damage has been done already. They’ve raked Juve over the coals in the media again. Why is the FIGC taking aim at the team domestically that is without a doubt doing the most in regards to bringing a positive identity back to the league.

Can you imagine this ever happening to other Serie A teams? No disrespect to the rest of the clubs in our league, it’s the best league in my opinion, but let us not forgot that there’s been only one team that’s lifted the Scudetto in the past 6 years. There’s only been one Serie A team to make any serious run in the Champions League in recent years. I am not in any way bashing other teams in our league, so, if any of you readers out there see this as a dig at your side, I regret to inform you it is not.

The point is, people love hating the most successful people, the wealthiest, the most forward thinking, the ones who challenge the trend, and go against the grain. Maybe people who can’t wrap their heads around it perceive it as insanity, or crooked, but in reality it is far from. But, to use something as ridiculous as ticket sales to ultras as a scapegoat, something that every club does in every league, seems, frankly, a bit of a reach to me. Be prepared for more of the same in the years to come. If it’s not this, it’s something else. Until another Italian team really challenges us domestically and continentally, Juventus will continue to be alone at the summit.