Massimo Ambrosini, the former AC Milan player, provided his punditry insights during the Juventus vs. Lecce Serie A match yesterday, and he expressed his reservations about Juventus’ performance.

In a hard-fought contest, Juventus emerged victorious against the previously unbeaten Lecce side, making it a challenging match for them.

The Bianconeri had to exert extra effort to overcome the mental strain of their previous loss to Sassuolo.

Despite their best efforts resulting in a win, Ambrosini remains unconvinced by their performance and believes a more accurate judgment of their capabilities will come when they face stronger opponents in their upcoming three matches.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“Juventus didn’t play a good match from a stylistic point of view, it wasn’t a great show because the pace was low. The good news for Allegri is the few risks taken, but from a reaction point of view, Sassuolo left a a bit of waste from the point of view of courage and technical precision.

“Today was a Juventus team that would have struggled if they had competed against a different level. The next matches against Atalanta, Turin and Milan will be decisive tests to understand where Juventus wants to be.”

Juve FC Says

The win against Lecce was not smooth or commanding from our point of view, but it was a good victory.

We ended their unbeaten run and can be confident that we can defeat the other opponents we will face in the next few games.