Juventus remains the subject of serious investigations after prosecutors believe they have found evidence of account falsification and secret payments.

One player they agreed to secretly pay outstanding wages is Cristiano Ronaldo and a newly leaked email appears to confirm Juve did agree to pay him around 20m euros under the table.

The attacker was at the club between 2018 and 2021 as the Bianconeri wanted his star power to help them win another Champions League.

However, that never happened and when covid-19 struck in 2020, they struggled to pay his salary, which made them announce he and other players have agreed to forfeit four months worth of pay.

But they paid them three months outside their budget. Juve denies every wrongdoing, but a new email leak might mean otherwise.

According to Football Italia, Vincenzo Ampolo, one of the Bianconeri directors, sent the email which reads:

 “AA [Andrea Agnelli] is asking for information on CR7’s situation. He [Agnelli] highlights that he left without worrying about finalising his position on the salary manoeuvre.

“He suggests not to chase him but to wait for him to raise the matter if interested. FC [Federico Cherubini] reports that no one has solicited CR7 on this issue.

“The pending fee is €19m. The documents signed by the players last season provide that if a player is not registered for J [Juventus] on September 5, 2021, the amount due to the player is paid as an incentive to leave.”

Juve FC Says

These details could make it seem we certainly did wrong, but the court must decide that and if it does not happen, we will be cleared of all wrongdoings.

It is embarrassing that private conversations are being leaked as it is happening now, but fans should be patient until the court decides.