Marco Cosimo Da Graca achieved the dream of many Juventus youngsters when he scored one of the goals in their match against Chivas.

The 20-year-old striker is on his first ever tour with the Bianconeri and he is looking to make the most of the experience.

His goal was a delight for him and he would never have thought it was coming so soon.

He has now revealed that he dedicates it to his grandfather and other members of his family who have supported him on his journey to becoming a footballer.

He said, as quoted by Tutto Sport: “The dedication is for my family: especially for my grandfather, my girlfriend, my aunts, my mom … All the people I care about most. I have a strong bond with my grandfather because from an early age he has always accompanied me, together with my grandmother, to the pitch and training sessions, to all matches. Since I was 7: at home or away, but he has always been there. Inside of me I have always hoped to go on, after all the sacrifices that I, him and the family have made.”

Juve FC Says

Da Graca is one of the many youngsters coming through at the club and his experience on this tour of America will be one to remember.

Training with the club’s biggest stars will also help him to improve his game and return to the under23s as a more rounded player.

It could also open the door for a club to take him on loan for this season.