Andrea Agnelli has reportedly sold some of his shares to John Elkann, indicating a shift in his involvement and suggesting a reduced interest in matters related to Juventus and the Agnelli family.

Agnelli, the former president of Juventus, faced challenges during his tenure, with the club experiencing financial difficulties partly attributed to attempts to achieve success on a budget, compounded by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the aftermath of Agnelli’s leadership, Juventus has been working to rectify the financial issues left by his board. The new executives have faced challenges in generating funds for transfers.

Il Bianconero reports that Agnelli recently sold a significant portion of his shares to his cousin Elkann but retains approximately 3%. The report emphasises that Agnelli has no immediate plans to divest entirely from the family business.

Juve FC Says

We can do very well without Agnelli on our board, and we have proven that this season.

Cristiano Giuntoli is helping us to clean up some of the mess the Agnelli board left behind and by the summer, we will be in a much stronger position financially and probably make some huge signings.