Former Juventus president Andrea Agnelli was reportedly at the Bianconeri Continassa training ground today to visit the players.

He resigned from his position at the end of last month alongside his board of directors, with a new team expected to be formed next month.

Agnelli is one of the most successful presidents the club has ever had and had a close relationship with the players when he was its supremo.

A report on Calciomercato reveals he and Federico Cherubini were at the Bianconeri training ground today to see the players after Agnelli’s departure weeks ago.

Juve FC Says

Some Juve fans prefer for Agnelli to remain the club’s president because of the immense success he achieved when he was its leader.

He is showing that he still cares about the club and will remain a close associate as long as we do not ban him from visiting and seeing the players.

Hopefully, they will not allow the legal battles around the club to affect their mindset and performance when Serie A resumes in less than a month.

For now, they need to continue working hard to ensure that they will be in shape performance-wise when the league restarts, so that they can continue their winning run in the new year.