Andrea Agnelli has just resigned as the president of Juventus after being at the helm for around a decade, but we might see him again in a more prominent role at the club in the future.

Agnelli is passionate about Juve, to the point of even engaging in some possible illegal acts to ensure the club stays at the top of Italian and European football.

Prosecutors say he led the club into making the wrong decisions and he has now resigned from his position as its president.

It is very hard to see him just go away and detach himself from the club, and a new report reveals he is already planning to come back.

The report on Tuttojuve claims the executive could buy out all the shareholders of Juve and become its primary shareholder and sole owner in the future. This move, the report adds, will be supported by his cousin John Elkann because he is already looking to sell the club.

Juve FC Says

Agnelli has been one of the best-ever presidents of Juventus, so fans will be happy if he returns to the club in any capacity.

If he becomes its sole owner, decision-making will be faster and we can bank on him to splash the cash on players as much as we would like.