Andrea Pirlo has admitted that his team has been plagued by persistent errors after their poor showing against Torino.

Juventus headed into the game hoping to get back to form after the international break.

They had suffered a shock 1-0 loss to Benevento before the break and the last thing they wanted was to drop points on their return.

The derby is also the best game to return to form because a win in it means so much more to the club’s fans.

However, Juventus struggled in the game and ended it in a 2-2 draw to see them move closer to handing the Serie A title to Inter Milan.

After the game, under pressure, Pirlo says his team started the game well and took the lead, which was an impressive thing to do.

However, they let themselves down again when they made errors leading to their opponents scoring.

They wanted to have a better second half but made an error just after the interval yet again.

“We had started well, taken the lead, and that’s the most difficult thing against teams that defend,” Pirlo told DAZN via Football Italia.

“As usual, we make life complicated for ourselves. We had hoped for a different second half, but we made that error straight away and had to get back into it.

“The error was similar to the one we conceded against Lazio, unfortunately these are happening a bit too often and we have these lapses in concentration.

“We must learn that we cannot lose concentration for even a second, because the moment we lose the ball, it’s only right that we are then punished.

“When you play against teams that defend deep, it’s difficult to attack the space, so you have to go round the flanks and try to create some width. We do try these tactics, especially against sides who have five at the back.

“It’s important to get crosses in and above all put bodies into the box. After the second goal, we got the game back on track, hitting the woodwork and that chance with Cristiano. It’s only natural that against teams who pack their final third, we can’t move the ball quickly, as there aren’t any spaces.

“Mistakes happen, whether you are a player, a coach or a referee. We have to stay fully focused, stay on our toes and understand the moment we are going through. Some sharpness can be lacking after international duty, but we cannot afford to let go even for a moment now.”