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Andrea Pirlo: ‘I’m sorry for Juve’

April 13, 2018

Andrea Pirlo say’s he feels sorry for Juventus following their exit from the Champions League and understands Gigi Buffon’s actions.

The Juve captain was dismissed in the final moments for a spat with referee Michael Oliver and Pirlo explains that in the heat of the moment, he would have acted the same way.

“I’m very sorry for Juve, for Gigi, for the lads, ten seconds from the end of such a good game is terrible,” Pirlo told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“It was a classic interpretable incident, you could give it and you could not give it. And when it’s 10 seconds from the end, if you’re smart, you don’t whistle and let the teams play for everything in extra-time.

“Buffon was angry, and in a moment like that you can say anything. He thought it was his last chance to win the Champions League, if they give a penalty against you out of nowhere you’re going to get angry.

“Maybe he went over the top, but I understand: it can happen that you react badly if you’re robbed in that way.

“Would I have been angry? Sure. Stuff like that makes you crazy and it’s a bad ending, it’s too beautiful to win a game like that and when you’re prevented in that way…

“Have we spoken? We exchanged some messages, not only with Gigi but also with other players and with President Agnelli.

“Juve’s regrets? Not having scored in the first leg. They played on par in Turin, they played better in Madrid, but unfortunately in the Champions League if you make mistakes like in the first game it’ll be tough.

“If it had gone to extra-time they’d have been in better shape, with two subs and a lot of confidence. They’ll try again.

“It will take a few days to dispel the rage, but then everyone will concentrate on the remaining objectives.

“They have to absorb this disappointment and move on.”

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