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Andrea Pirlo rues ‘no other solutions’ being available

October 29, 2020 - 6:46 am

Juventus boss Andrea Pirlo has claimed that his side will be able to grow after their performance against Barcelona, but rues not having ‘other solutions’ being available.

Cristiano Ronaldo missed the tie having tested positive for Coronavirus once more on the eve of last night’s clash, despite showing no symptoms since contracting the virus.

Giorgio Chiellini is expected to return soon enough, but was also ruled out of yesterday’s tie, while Matthijs de Ligt and Sandro have been missing since the start of the campaign.

The manager opted to field a 4-4-2 formation against Barcelona, with Dybala slotting in just bhind Morata, and the team did well despite the result, and the manager claims that the performance will allow the team to ‘grow’, whilst adding that his players are still ‘under construction’.

“It is a match that will allow us to grow. We knew it would be difficult against a strong team,” the manager said after the match (as translated by Juventus official website).

“We are under construction. We had to position ourselves better on the pitch, because on many occasions some of our players were too close. We had to be quicker with regards to changing the game, because we kept Chiesa wide to go one-on-one, but we couldn’t trigger it. Furthermore, I hope to recover other players because at the moment we have no other solutions.”

The manager keeps saying that the team is working on understanding his ways, yet he keeps changing the formation before every fixture, which surely cannot be helping the situation.

Will the manager be forced to continue to change things as players come in and out of contention? Will we only see a regular system in place when the majority of players are fit and ready?


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  • Avatar
    BAGAS October 29, 2020 at 11:03 am

    Kulu still fever plays on CL he lack confidence.
    The team dependency CR7.

    I still believe pirlo, make combines star players in Juventus.


  • Avatar
    zero October 29, 2020 at 4:44 pm

    Paratici and Nedved are the ones to blame since 2017

  • Avatar
    Sachin Chand October 29, 2020 at 10:31 pm

    Pirlo is doing great and i like the way his changing his tactics based on the opponents they face…Yesterdays match showed one thing and i.e the team looked terrified to be playing against barcelona and they started playing the way they used to under Sarri.
    Pirlo killed the game by not putting in Arthur or Meckennie who provides more width and linking up but most importantly they are aggressive in getting the ball back…Yesterday Juve after losing possession were just waiting for Barca to miss pass or loss only then they got the ball….if they were to play the way pirlo wants them which is get the ball as soon as they lose position then it would have been a interesting story.
    Our defense for the first time did great but they really need De Ligt… Kulu was looking lost bcz he lacks confidence for big matches and should not have started instead Ramsey or Arthur would have been a good switch and making Bentacur play in the right.
    Cancello was phenomenal!! and Morata was just not focused after having his goals disallowed, he did great but most of the time he started to fade in pressing when Juve lost possession.
    Rabiot did well too but one think i dont like about him is that he doesnt takes the chance of creating chances when our forwards make the run instead he plays side…Chiesa and Morata made few runs that were just ignored and given to Dybala…Dybala was really Bad and it showed how much Costa would have done if he were to play. Playing Chiesa on the left was also a terrible mistake bcz he plays way much better on the right.
    All in all Juve really missed CR7 as they didnt only needed his game and goals but they REALLY NEEDED HIS PRESENCE bcz they all were not confident from the beginning and with Ronaldo in the team..all the players would have been more confident.

    I truly believe that Pirlo is a smart guy and he will pick up all his flaws and bring a huge game at Camp Nou bcz he will have the Goat on his side this time.