The Italian Super Cup is one of the hottest products the Serie A has now and several countries want to host it.

The competition is usually used to determine the best team in the country as the cup winner competes with the league champion.

It was traditionally played back home, with a stadium among the grounds in Italy hosting it.

However, Serie A received an offer from Saudi Arabia and hosted some editions there before the covid-19 pandemic struck in 2020.

It was then played back in Italy, but they would play the next edition in Saudi at the start of next year.

The Saudis also want the 2024 edition and they are even offering more money to expand it.

However, they now have competition from Hungary, according to a report on Tuttojuve.

The report says the Hungarian government has offered 8m euros to host the event.

It is far less than the at least 23m euros they will make if they play the games in Saudi.

Juve FC Says

The Super Cup should be played in Italy because the Italian fans who have supported their team all along deserve to see them in the game as well.

However, the money being made by exporting the game is also important to the organisation and the clubs involved.