Throughout the club’s history, Juventus was renowned as a club that cherishes hard work. It’s even mentioned in the club’s famous anthem “Storia di un grande amore”.

But have the Bianconeri backed away from the old philosophy under the tutelage of Max Allegri, instead adopting a lighter approach?

Earlier this summer, Matthijs de Ligt sparked controversy following his transfer to Bayern Munich when he pointed out to the stricter training adopted by the German champions.

While some were willing to disregard it as one man’s opinion, another former Juventus player has made similar remarks.

Last January, Rodrigo Bentancur made the switch to Tottenham Hotspur alongside Dejan Kulusevski. The pair were struggling for form and playing time under the guidance of Allegri, but have now cemented themselves as pillars in North London.

Bentancur described the type of work ethic enforced by Antonio Conte at Spurs, which at one point prompted him to consider quitting.

“Since I have been a professional player, the athletic training required by Conte has been the toughest I endured in my career”, revealed the midfielder as reported by ilBianconero.

“At a certain point, I thought about quitting, it was difficult”.

The Uruguayan international had joined Juventus back in the summer of 2017 and was expected to become one of the stalwarts of the club for years to come.