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Another Juventus youngster is impressing in Serie B

April 27, 2022 - 3:30 pm

Since the start of the Serie B campaign, fans and observers alike have been heaping praise on Nicolò Fagioli’s performances at Cremonese.

The Juventus loanee has been leading the charge for the club who’s trying to secure a historic promotion to Serie A. Nonetheless, the Bianconeri have another young midfielder who is also impressing in Italy’s second tier.

According to Calciomercato, Filippo Ranocchia decided the encounter in favor of Vicenza away to Como.

The 20-year-old provided two fabulous assists for his teammates Riccardo Brosco and Riccardo Meggiorini, as the match ended 2-0 for the visitors.

The source describes the two assists as “alla Toni Kroos”, in a reference for the German who is one of the best playmakers in his generation.

Nevertheless, Vicenza are still facing the threat of relegation as they lie 18th in the Serie B table with two rounds to go.

Juve FC say

Ranocchia might be one of the best young talent at Juventus. Nevertheless, he’d probably have to endure another season on loan before securing himself a spot in the first squad.

If Max Allegri decides to add a youngster to the midfield pack next season, then the likes of Nicolò Rovella and Fagioli would be the favorites.

As for Ranocchia, he could likely be sent to a Serie A club in order to gain some vital experience in the top tier.

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    Chris Le Galle April 27, 2022 at 9:47 pm

    I like Max Allegri and honestly don’t see a better man than him at the moment that can realistically manage Juve. But one thing which I wish he did more is trust in youngsters. This is a problem in the Italian mentality. They put too much faith in loaning their youth and if history is anything to go by it doesn’t seem to be a strategy that bears a lot of fruit. I can only remember Chiellini who went on loan and cam back to become not only a part of the team but one of the all time greats. Considering that Juve are currently in transition trying to correct market mistakes in the past I believe they would have been better served to give their youth a chance than loaning their best prospects out.