Juventus is fighting back the 15 league points it has lost as a punishment for using capital gains and there are so many twists to be expected.

Max Allegri’s men can get the points overturned if they win the appeal, but it is not straightforward.

Several lawyers have spoken about the issue so far and some suggest it will be easy for Juve to win, while others believe they even risk more punishments for appealing.

Calciomercato spoke to lawyer Roberto Afeltra, who hints everything is on the table.

He says: 

 “He has only two alternatives: annul the sentence with postponement to a new judgment or cancel it without any postponement and there the story would close. 

“If they refer everything to the federal appeal court, there would be no technical time to wait for the reasons for the sentence of April 19 and make two more degrees of judgment, unless the times are halved to end by June and at that point, they could also give him more than 15 penalty points. “

Juve FC Says

As this case continues, there will be plenty of opinions from many people around the country.

The case is tricky, but it is important that the club has the best defence lawyers and that they also build a solid appeal.

However, considering that many other clubs have also used capital gains, we could win our appeal and it is the best-case scenario for us.