Between 2011 and 2014, Antonio Conte and Andrea Pirlo worked side by side to put Juventus back on top of Italian football.

Both men arrived during the same summer, and managed to win the Scudetto from the first attempt.

Conte led the side from the touchline, whilst Pirlo acted as the architect on the pitch.

Although the former midfield maestro was one of the most important pieces of the Old Lady’s lineups, Antonio Cassano claims that current Juventus boss was initially unwanted by the Conte.

The notorious former striker is a regular guest at “Bobo TV” – presented by former Inter star Christian Vieri – and is never afraid to speak his own mind.

“Inter are obliged to win the Scudetto. We (speaking as an Inter fan) are making fools out of ourselves again by failing to win in Europe,” said cassano according to ilBianconero.

“This applies to Inter, Juve and the others. This year, Inter are the only ones who can lose the Scudetto.

“Conte has never played well, he had those two and three tactical lines with a lot of intensity. His teams have an imprint, he always wants solidity. All his teams have always played the same way, but they don’t play well.

“That extra quality at Juve was given to him by a player he didn’t even want, which was Pirlo. In the Champions League, he always went home, sometimes in the group stages, sometimes later but he always struggled,” said il Talentino di Bari.

“His teams are always defensive, they will never play good football. It’s not an idea that I personally like but his idea of ​​football must be respected.”

Despite being controversial at times, it must be said that Cassano can hit the nail at times.

Although it hasn’t been made clear whether his comments on Conte and Pirlo were based on some information, or just personal assumptions.

Cassano and Pirlo played together on International duty with Italy, as well as being teammates at Milan during the 2010/11 season.