Antonio Cassano has launched another attack on Juventus manager Max Allegri as the Bianconeri struggle.

Cassano is one of Allegri’s biggest critics who does not miss a chance to aim a dig at the manager.

The former AC Milan boss was reinstated as the manager of the Black and Whites last season and his team has steadily improved.

However, his side still does not excite most fans and pundits by the way they play and fans believe they can do better.

One man that dislikes how Juve performs when Allegri is their gaffer is Cassano and the ex-striker said via Il Bianconero:

“Only shadows. Bad, negative year. In July Allegri said: in March-April we must be inside everything. Result: he came out in the Champions group in a shameful way, in November he was out of the Scudetto fight.

Adding: “Team always under the ball, all in defense. He has national winds and plays horrendously. Sporting took them on the other night. I saw Juve press disorganized, each on his own. Starting from Allegri next year would be suicide: the mistake was making him a contract along those figures, but if making mistakes is human, persevering is diabolical”.

Juve FC Says

Cassano has been a huge critic of Juve and Allegri and we do not expect him to start praising the manager now.

The former striker is now a pundit and is paid to make comments, so we cannot take him too seriously.

We just need to focus on doing our own job on the pitch and winning as many games as possible.