With Antonio Conte’s resignation having been tendered, Juventus must now find a new coach. As it is quite late in the summer, at least for a coaching change, the side doesn’t have the usual array of options afforded to clubs that lose their coach immediately after the season. Gazzetta dello Sport reported in their article about Conte leaving that the prime candidates to replace him were Roberto Mancini and Max Allegri.

Well,  Gianluca Di Marzio followed that up last night on Twitter by stating that Allegri should be going to Vinovo tomorrow to “start his adventure” with Juventus. That was fast.

Now, the news is seemingly all but official. Gazzetta dello Sport, and other outlets, have been reporting that Allegri will come on board with a two year deal for two million euros per season, plus bonuses. And the press conference to unveil Max Allegri is supposedly within the hour. Stay posted here for updates throughout the day, as well as quotes from the press conference.


The press conference has just concluded. It was surreal, to say the least, but here are some highlights from the remarks of both Beppe Marotta and Allegri.

Allegri on Pirlo:

On his tactics, Allegri stated that “to shake up the squad would not be very intelligent” and he also stated that his Juventus side will probably play with both a three man backline, and formations that use the more traditional four man backline, depending on the game and opponent and other factors of course. He also stated he is very excited to coach Arturo Vidal and Paul Pogba. Juventus announced on their Twitter that Allegri’s “full comments” will be posted on their website shortly. I’m not sure if that is to be a transcript of the presser, or if Allegri has written a letter to the fans.

Now, on to Beppe Marotta’s words.

Most importantly, Marotta said that Vidal has “never been for sale.” Though some big clubs – presumably Manchester United – have asked about him, but Juve had not “sat” with any other clubs to discuss a Vidal transfer. Marotta also said that he spoke with Vidal yesterday, after the news broke, and he is happy to continue on with Juventus. That is re-assuring. But then, the club also said three months ago that Conte will be the coach for the 2014-2015 season, and well, we know what happened there.

Speaking of Conte, Marotta stated that the club tried everything it could to keep him, but he left for “personal reasons” that were unrelated to the Mercato. I guess that’s the official party line.

Marotta also said that there was a “reciprocal” confidence between the club and the players, and none had asked to leave since the news broke yesterday. Additionally, Marotta praised Allegri on several occasions, calling him a winner and making comments like the one that follows:

That’s all for now, folks. Stay posted here for further updates throughout the day.


Here is the video of the press conference, from Juve’s Youtube channel. It is in Italian.