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Are Juventus still under threat of Champions League expulsion? (Opinion)

August 12, 2021 - 2:02 pm

Juventus and the other European Super League sides were previously threatened of being kicked out of the Champions League, and the latest UEFA Champions League advertisement is claimed to have hinted at such.

None of Barcelona, Real Madrid or our black and white army feature in the 37-second feature, according to the Daily Mirror, while Chelsea, one of the teams that initially signed up to the ESL before pulling out were prominent, including their lifting of the trophy in May being shown.

The report claims that this could well be a threat to the three remaining European Super League sides, who are standing firm in their defence of the breakaway competition, although the recent court ruling agreed that UEFA had no right to make such threats to the teams trying to create their own competition.

While the Mirror may claim that UEFA are keen to push on with their threats, I find it hard to accept that they will make a late U-turn especially after the courts ruled in the ESL clubs favour.

While I understand that the latest ruling is unlikely to be final, and that UEFA will continue to fight the decision higher up the chain, I simply do not believe that they will be able to kick the teams out.

Do you think they could go against the recent court ruling?


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    Martinn August 12, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    Not sure because for all of the UEFA being ‘for football’ they run their multibillion dollar corporation like little children, punishing fans of those the team’s. psg allowed to do what they like almost guaranteeing the three haven’t a chance of winning it. Well done to UEFA for creating a class system in your own competitions and voting yourself a pay rise when clubs that have been around way longer than you are struggling. If there are any dodgy decisions against juventus we had better take them to court because we already see how petty they truly are.

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    Lilbaz August 12, 2021 at 5:16 pm

    As far as i’m aware the court in madrid don’t have jurisdiction over uefa (who are based in switzerland). The ecj does have a say though. As of yet they haven’t made a ruling.
    Uefas argument will be that the clubs can’t be a part of the esl and the cl at the same time. That it’s not a punishment as they have a choice.
    The court will have to rule if that constitutes a monopoly on uefas part.
    We’ll see.