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Arturo Vidal: “I feel at home at Juventus”

December 3, 2014

Arturo Vidal spoke to Spanish language radio station Al Aire Libre and discussed his feelings about Juventus, the World Cup, and his knee. He also discussed Chilean football and the Chilean league, as well as detailing his dream to end his career at his come club, Colo Colo.

Summarizing his overall status, Vidal was pretty pleased, stating “I think this was not a perfect year like the others, but I did my best, I played in the World Cup and we were champions at Juventus. This season I started a bit slow due to my knee, but now I am doing well. I hope to continue improving and continue being amongst the best in the world.”

Vidal also once again stated his pleasure at staying at Juventus, despite many rumors to the contrary this summer. “I feel content and happy here,” he said. Elaborating, Vidal explained “this will be my fourth year, I feel at home. There are good things happening at this time and I hope we prepare ourselves to play our best. I am happy with our results (so far.) There are always (critics) but I am happy. I think only about Juventus.”

Finally, Vidal also revealed the status of his infamous recovering knee. “I had played with the pain, but now there isn’t any.” Vidal even insisted that “I am getting better everyday, and I feel almost perfect.” Before hopefully previewing the immediate future: “we are approaching the difficult games and we hope to win.”

Vidal will hope to have his knee fully functioning this Friday when Juventus face off with rivals Fiorentina.

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