The decision to fine Juventus as a penalty for their salary manoeuvre case has sparked a backlash from Atalanta fans. They believe the punishment is unjust as it allows Juve to potentially finish above them in the standings and secure a spot in the Europa League, while Atalanta would be relegated to the Conference League.

Juve had previously received a 10-point deduction for their use of capital gains and was anticipated to face further point deductions in the salary manoeuvre case. However, the club reached a plea deal with the authorities, resulting in a fine of less than 1 million euros, and they have chosen not to appeal the decision.

While this outcome is seen as favourable for Juventus, their fans’ concerns about severe consequences have been alleviated. Nevertheless, Atalanta fans have voiced their discontent, with reports from Calciomercato indicating that many of them have criticized the decision and accused the authorities of showing favouritism towards Juventus. They argue that if it were any other club, relegation to Serie C would have been the likely outcome for the same offence, emphasizing their belief that Juventus constantly receives favourable treatment to maintain its status as one of the top clubs in the country.

Juve FC Says

We can understand the frustration that Atalanta fans are showing now, but we have simply used the resources we have to get ourselves out of trouble,

If we finish above them at the end of this term, they will be bitter, but it changes nothing and we would be far above them on the table if not for the 10-point deduction.