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“Bad faith” – Cassano chastises VAR referee following Derby d’Italia controversy

March 21, 2023 - 1:00 pm

Following any controversial incident involving Juventus, you can always count on Antonio to add fuel to fire.

The Bianconeri emerged victorious over Inter in the latest edition of the Derby d’Italia, but Filip Kostic’s winner caused a massive debate due to potential handballs on Adrien Rabiot and Dusan Vlahovic in the buildup.

So although the notorious Italian had some harsh comments regarding the Nerazzurri’s display, he still rose to his old employers’ defense, suggesting that VAR official Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni and referee designator Gianluca Rocchi should both be ashamed, while urging the latter to resign from his post.

The former Inter, Roma and Sampdoria striker goes on to claim that Mazzoleni’s decision to allow the goal was made in bad faith.

“There were three handballs, there was bad faith because everyone saw the images,” claimed Cassano in his weekly appearance on Christian Vieri’s Bobo TV (via ilBianconero).

“Everyone should be ashamed, even Rocchi and Mazzoleni because the referee can make mistakes, but the VAR has to see certain things.

“If Mazzoleni had been in good faith he would have taken responsibility, instead he stopped the match for four minutes to then say that the goal is good.

“I’ve never believed that Juve steals or doesn’t, but it’s the second goal with a touch of the hand in two games, twice that the VAR doesn’t interfere.

“Since I’m someone who comes from the streets, if you don’t call back I think you are in bad faith. Rocchi must resign and Mazzoleni must no longer take VAR duties.

“When I talk about obscene Italian football I also talk about these things. What happened yesterday is scandalous, Mazzoleni was in bad faith and therefore he has to get out.”

Cassano is a childhood Inter supporter, but only donned the black and blue jersey for a single campaign between 2012 and 2013.

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